Complete Mold Inspection and Lab Test

Unlike my mold evaluation upgrade, this service is a complete mold inspection with laboratory tests. Mold is a severe health hazard that can exacerbate or cause allergies, breathing problems, headaches, and even medical conditions requiring hospitalization. If you suspect mold in your home or business, I can offer you a complete mold inspection service with laboratory tests followed by a strategic course of action. I specialize in mold and indoor air quality testing and consulting. My services are available to home buyers and homeowners. Contact me at: (800) 218-2980 to get a mold inspection today. 


If your property actually has mold, I'll begin with a visual assessment. During my evaluation I'll measure the moisture and humidity inside your home. I may also use a thermal imaging camera that allows me to identify any moisture hidden in the structure of your home. After the visual assessment, I'll take several indoor and outdoor samples. Then I'll have a certified laboratoryexamine the samples for traces of mold spores. Once I finished assessing a problem, I'll send you a detailed report my findings. If I did discover mold, I will work with you to form a mold remediation and abatement plan.