The Lead and Asbestos Inspection is conducted by a third party company in cooperation with Harvard Home Inspection. This is an area that requires the expertise of of an established company that is highly specialized in the field of lead and asbestos inspection and testing. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the finest service, results and guarantees that only a company specializing in the field of lead and asbestos testing can offer. You can rest easy knowing I will be overseeing and managing the process​

Complete Lead/Asbestos Inspection and Lab Tests

Lead is an extremely hazardous toxin. Testing for lead in paint, pipes and water is made primarily through the correct and accurate inspection of the whole property. In this process, my associates and I will determine if the residence shows signs of lead paint on the walls, in pipes or other parts of the house. We will also test the lead content in your water supply.  Asbestos testing is mostly performed in rooms that have duct systems, radiators, heating systems and electrical wiring circuits. Until tests are completed, avoid going to these places to make sure you do not have future health complications. Once our inspection is complete and the tests are in, we will immediately report back to you with the laboratory results and recommended course of action if needed.
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